An Introduction to Herbs

Herbs are an easy and accessible part of witchcraft practice, being used in virtually any spell you come across. All with their own individual intents, spells, uses, and cautions, getting into herbs in craft can be daunting to any witch, green thumb or not.

There’s thought to be 200,000 to 300,000 herbs in the entire world, most of which you’ll probably never come across in your life because (probably to my brain’s relief) they are wild species and/or different types of a parent herb.

Lavendar leaves sprinkled in cumin, dill, and coriander.

A lot of herbs used in witchcraft are common kitchen herbs. Basil, coriander, mint, etc. In fact, when beginning work with herbs, it’s a wise move to take the kitchen herb route. Don’t feel any less for buying superstore dried herbs! They actually make a brilliant purchase as they’re cheap, easy to store, and last a long time. If plants always seem to die on you (like me), then it’s a wise investment.

But before you use your herbs and get creative with spells and intents, it’s vitally important to know how to use your herbs. Some can be eaten, some can’t, some can be heated, some can’t, and so on. This is where buying store herbs is of advantage because you know they’re designed to be cooked with. Mastering these and getting comfortable with these is a good idea before branching into more unusual herbs.

Whichever way you choose to begin working with them, research them. Specifically find out how you can and can’t use the herb, because you can hurt yourself and get sick if you consume or use a herb in a way it simply can’t be used! This is especially important if you are a medicated witch. Always make sure your teas, herbs, and plants aren’t going to interact with any medication. (Here’s a non-witch article exploring that) Health and Safety first, witches!

Once you’ve got herb use into your comfort zone, a good idea is to note down the intents and purposes which you use the most. One witch’s favourite herb to use for protection may not be your own. In fact, once your intuition is strong enough, magic becomes it’s own brand for you. If you adore using mint for love and prosperity, do it! It’s what is correct for you.#

Overall, the key things to take away from this post are simple: don’t be afraid to just use kitchen herbs, and always know what you’re working with.

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